All Waldgang products are made to order. Production and assembly will take between 24 and 90 days.Occasionally we will have premade modules that we can ship directly.Our design bureau and warehouse are located in Italy and from there the modules are shipped out to you.Immediately after you place an order you will get an order confirmation email. Your shipping information and tracking number will be emailed to you once your order has shipped.Shipping costs are calculated based on the weight of the item and your location. Should you experience issues with the shipping cost calculation during checkout, please contact us.Import duties and taxes are not included into shipping fees. The buyer/receiver is solely responsible for the payment of import duties and taxes.


Sometimes this may happen. We take great care in packaging our products, however, an occasional accident may occur during delivery. Should something go wrong, we can fix it following these instructions:

  • Contact us immediately;
  • If the damage is bad and it is obvious the products inside the package are damaged, don’t even sign for the item and refuse the delivery;
  • If you notice there is damage to the shipping box/container but are not sure if the products inside are ok, sign for the package and make note of the packaging damage on the slip.
  • Do NOT accept delivery without writing down the details of the damage on the delivery form first! Shipping companies will not satisfy an insurance claim without the damage noted by the customer, and it will be hard for us to fix this.